A few things that make no sense buying in India

financial disasters you should not make

While this website is built around recommending people what to buy, we thought of catching a break. Instead of talking about things that you should splurge money on, we thought of coming up with a list of things that make no financial sense buying.

We’re not just talking about technology here and definitely not everything under the sun that shouldn’t be spent money on. Just a couple of things that come to my mind when I see them. Oh, and future price cuts might not make these completely illogical to buy. Also I’m only getting started. Expect more rants as I update this space in the future with more products. But given it’s still a tech blog at the end of the day, don’t expect me to write about stocks or investments or Bitcoin at its peak.

So here’s what we think are a few financial disasters you should avoid.


Kawasaki Ninja 400

ninja 400


I know, I know. On paper, it’s the perfect beginner’s sports bike (is that a term?). The twin cylinder engine is a serious upgrade over single cylinder ones seen in the likes of KTM Duke 390 and RC390. It’s also considerably more powerful than the Yamaha R3, but herein lies a problem.

Yes, it’s a better bike than the Yamaha R3 on paper, but at Rs 4.6 lakh ex-showroom (or close about), it does’t make much sense to buy. Why? Because when you’re spending so much, we’re certain you wouldn’t mind spending 30 thousand more and getting the Kawasaki Z650. That’s 62.5% more displacement for just Rs 30,000 more. Remember you’re paying over one lakh for 33% more displacement over the R3.

If naked bikes aren’t your thing, even the full-faired Ninja 650 costs around Rs 5.3 lakhs. This could have been a game changer for Kawasaki similar to what Duke 390 was for KTM, but that’s not meant to be.


iPhone 6


You usually buy a phone that will last you 18 months if not more, right? In that case, why would you spend 25k on something that’s already obsolete and at the end of its life cycle? Even the most die-hard Apple fans should realize that spending so much on a four year old product makes no sense. Get the iPhone 6s at least if you must, otherwise, there are a ton of good Android phones in this budget.


Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL

We can forgive you for picking this one up for the camera, but otherwise, even at a discounted price of 70k, the Pixel 2 is simply an overpriced phone. Yes, it has a great camera, but then it has a sub-par design and a screen riddled with issues too.

Even you can ignore these shortfalls, it’s still a phone from 2017, using 2017 tech, 80% of which is available in phones less than half the asking price. Get a Samsung S9 instead, will you?


Any car with a sunroof


Alright, this one’s a bit hard to digest. Yes, sunroofs are great, but maybe in Europe. When the sun is kind enough to heat the road up to the point that you can make an omelette over it, it makes no sense to spend extra money just to let that heat get into your car.

Don’t get us wrong. If you’re buying a car that already comes with sunroof, great. If you’re specially upgrading to a more expensive variant just for the sunroof, not so much. Also, with the great condition of our cities, it’s a guaranteed thing for the dust to find its way in your car if you leave that roof open for a while.

Still, sunroofs are more like the things we want than the things we need. Just don’t go burning cash on installing after-market sunroofs, or spend a fortune buying a variant specifically for one.