Apple Macbook Air vs. HP Pavillion x360 – Which one’s a better Ultrabook?

The competition in the Ultrabooks segment under Rs 60,000 has just taken a turn towards interesting. Among the umpteen offerings available in the market, we thought it would be appropriate to compare two of the best machines in the segment – the old and faithful 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro and the recently launched HP Pavillion x360. Luckily, we managed to get our hands on both the laptops and could compare them head to head. So which one comes out at the top? Find out below.

Weight and dimensions

The MacBook Air is one of the most stylish and well built laptops out there and even after all these years, it has still managed to stay on top of the competition. The lightweight design, tapered edges to give it a thinner-than-actual appearance and premium build materials shout class all across.

Meanwhile, HP with its x360 Ultrabook has ensured that it isn’t one of another bulky Windows machines that isn’t going to win any beauty contests. HP has made significant effort to cut down on wasteful size and weight on the x360 and some of that can be clearly seen in the final product.

However, comparing the two machines, it becomes evident that Applesteals the show here. The x360, while sleek and light, is no match for the 1.35kg MacBook Air. At 1.66kg, the x360 isn’t exactly feather light. It is also thicker than the MacBook Air as can be seen in the pics below.

However, when it comes to the build quality, we think both the laptops score well. Yes, the MacBook might seem slightly more premium, but that depends on an individual’s own perspective.

HP x360 vs Macbook air HP x360 vs Macbook air HP x360 vs Macbook air


This one clearly goes to the HP Pavillion x360. HP has packed the laptop with a 7th generation Core i5 processor, 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM, 1080p touch display (that rotates 360 degrees by the way) and 1TB of storage space.

Apple MacBook Air on the other hand comes with 2 generations older Core i5 (5th gen), 8 gigs of RAM, yes, but DDR3, a lower resolution display which doesn’t support touch and only 128GB of storage space. Although, it sports a much faster SSD instead of the traditional hard disk seen on the x360.

The HP x360 also comes with three USB ports and an HDMI port, while the MacBook sports just two USB ports. The screen on the x360 can also swivel 360 degrees which allows the laptop to be used in a tablet mode (yes, the keyboard gets disabled when you do that).

Battery life and heating up

Whatever numbers both companies might claim on this one, our experience indicated that the MacBook Air clearly offers a superior battery life. While our year old MacBook still offers 8-10 hours of normal usage, x360 barely goes beyond 4 hours.

Also, the x360 makes a lot of noise and heats up a lot in that 4 hours. So if you’re looking for a laptop with a great battery life that doesn’t sound like an F-22 engine as your top priority, this one’s a no brainer.


The MacBook Air comes with the latest version of OS X, while x360 comes preinstalled with Windows 10. We wouldn’t get into the nit bits of which is better. Suffice to say both offer their respective users what they’re looking for.


HP x360 vs Macbook air

The x360 is a step in the right direction by HP. We’re in love with this machine but our only two gripes with it are the battery life and the weight. However, a full HD display, touch support, and latest processor & RAM inside more than makes up for it.

The MacBook Air is still a worthy opponent after all these years and given the 8GB RAM version can be picked for close to Rs 60,000, it isn’t a bad option either.

It’s hard to choose one. Ultimately, it depends on whether you prefer the simplicity of OS X or the customization of Windows 10 along with support for a large number of legacy software.

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