Best Headphones Under 3000 in India 2020

Headphones come in many different styles like wired or wireless, on-ear or over-ear, etc., and each has its own advantages and limitations. In this article, we will look at different styles of headphones and discuss which brands are making the most valuable model under three thousand rupees.

However, before you proceed to the list, we want you to bear in mind three important factors that will make your investment worth it:

  • Choose the type – On-ear and over-ear headphones are in the trend right now, and each type comes with its own advantages and limitations. An on-ear headphone is lighter and produces less heat compared to an over-ear headphone. An over-ear headphone is better in noise-cancellation and is more comfortable on ears.
  • Wired/Wireless – Wireless headphones offer more mobility and are more futuristic, but they may disturb your audio if there is a large obstruction like a wall or other electronic devices sharing the same frequency. Wired headphones collect analog signals and handle more data that results in better sound quality than wireless headphones. The limitations of wired headphones are you will always be tethered to your source device, and the audio jack problem is also common.
  • Weight/Fit – When buying a headphone, look for the weight and fit as you will be wearing them for a long duration. Make sure the weight is not more than 600grams as it may create a problem in your neck. Your headphone should come with an adjustable system to properly sit in your ear and head.

Now that you know what feature you are looking for in your headphone, things are going to be easy for your ultimate selection.

However, if you are still skeptical about your buying decision don’t worry! You can read our encyclopedic buying guide section just after the list for better understanding. Now, without much further ado, let us assess the top 8 headphones of the Indian market.

Best Headphones Under 3000 in India 2020

Best Headphones Under 3000 in IndiaDriversbattery lifeWarrantyBuy Now
JBL T460BT Wireless Headphones32mmUp to 11 hour1 yearBuy Now
boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphones50mmUp to 20 hours1 yearBuy Now
Hammer Bash Wireless Headphones3.5mmUP to 8 hours6 MonthsBuy Now
EKSA E900 Wired Headphones50mm2 yearsBuy Now
AKG K72 Wired Headphones40mm1 yearBuy Now
Sony MDR-XB450AP Wired Headphones3.5mm1 yearBuy Now
OneOdio A71 Wired Headphones40mm2 yearsBuy Now
EKSA E3000 Wired Headphones50mm2 yearsBuy Now

Best Headphones Under 3000 in India 2020: Reviews

1. JBL T460BT Wireless Headphones

JBL T460BT Wireless Headphones


  • Drivers- 32mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wireless
  • Battery Life- Up to 11 hour
  • Weight- 300 g
  • Warranty- 1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • Huge battery life
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Feels very smooth

Buy Now at Amazon

The JBL T460BT is a beautifully designed headphone that provides an excellent musical experience. It comes with JBL pure bass sound, so you can expect fantastic base levels.

Equipped with a high-quality microphone, this model supports hand-free communication without any voice any noise distortion issues.

It comes with upgraded Bluetooth technology, so you could stream flawlessly. The design of this headphone is well-optimized. You will get music and call control buttons on the ear-cup. And thanks to its foldable body, which makes it very easy to carry and wear.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty, which means you could replace it if you see any manufacturing defects.

One great thing that sets this JBL headphone apart from others is its amazing battery life. On a single charge, it can run for up to 11 hours. The build quality is superb, which helps it survive accidental drops.

2. boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphones

boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphones


  • Drivers- 50mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wireless
  • Battery Life- Up to 20 hour
  • Weight- 231 g
  • Warranty- 1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • Amazing battery backup
  • Heavy and powerful bass
  • Supports smart Control Board

Buy Now at Amazon

This Boat 510 model is an on-ear headphone that blends the super extra bass along with the signature high-definition Boat sound. It is made of Aluminium and faux leather, which makes it very durable and long-lasting. With the 50mm upgraded drivers, this headphone ensures unimaginable massive bass.

Not only music, but it also provides crystal clear audio while phone and video calls. It features a 400 mAH Li-ion battery that gives a powerful run time of 10 hours.

This model only takes 3 hours to get fully recharged, and you will also get 180 hours of standby time. Coming to the build quality, the ear-cups feature foam padding, which fits your ears perfectly.

It gives you great comfort while maintaining amazing sound quality. The weight of this device is just 231g, which makes it very mobile and portable. In the ear-cup, you will see the master control board, which gives you full control over the functions of the headphone.

You could pause, play, skip according to your needs. The body looks very sleek and stylish, and the in-built microphone makes calling very convenient.

3. Hammer Bash Wireless Headphones

Hammer Bash Wireless Headphones


  • Drivers- 3.5mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired– Wireless
  • Battery Life- Up to 8 hour
  • Weight- 190 g
  • Warranty- 6 months

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very comfortable to use and wear
  • Upgraded Bluetooth connectivity
  • HD Sound and deep bass

Buy Now at Amazon

Despite coming from a new brand like Hammer, these headphones have gained amazing popularity. It comes with both wired and wireless functionality, so even if the charge of your unit dies, you could still use it.

The foldable design of this model received huge appreciation as it makes it very easy to store and carry. This model features a very comfortable and soft Ear Pad, which gives a very pleasant user-experience.

It comes with Bluetooth V5.0, so you be sure that you will get a stable and strong connection. Equipped with a 300 mAH battery, this headphone allows you to enjoy uninterrupted music for 8 hours. The body of this model is ergonomically designed, so if you listen to music for hours and binge watch movies, then it will prevent ear pain and fatigue.

It also comes with an in-built microphone that helps you receive calls with a single click. You will also get a 6-month warranty against manufacturer errors.

4. EKSA E900 Wired Headphones

EKSA E900 Wired Headphones


  • Drivers- 50mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wired
  • Weight- 500 g
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Sensitivity- 118±3dB
  • Impedance- 32 Ohm

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very stylish and compact
  • Amazing noise cancellation mechanism
  • Detachable microphone

Buy Now at Amazon

If you are in the market for a professional gaming headphone that doesn’t cost a fortune, then the ESKA 900 has everything you need. It comes with 50mm drivers along with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, which gives an amazing sound profile.

You will get to experience music with great bass and richness, and it also performs well while playing loud notes.

One interesting thing about this headphone is that it comes with a detachable microphone. The quality of this mic is superb, and it is even coated with a noise filter, which makes it look more premium. If you stream your gameplay, then you won’t need any noise suppression as the microphone filters everything.

The body of this headphone is flexible, which prevents it from breakage. With this model, you will also get a leather bag where you can store all the parts without having any space issues. The soft cushion designing enables you to wear it for hours, and the sturdy design makes it extremely durable.

5. AKG K72 Wired Headphones

AKG K72 Wired Headphones


  • Drivers- 40mm
  • Frequency- 16Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wired
  • Weight- 200 g
  • Warranty- 1 year
  • Sensitivity- 112 DB spl/v
  • Impedance- 32 Ohm

Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable headband
  • Good build quality
  • Decent sound range

Buy Now at Amazon

The AKG K72 is one of the most comfortable headphones currently available in the market. It features a self-adjusting headband along with soft ear pads. All the components are of high-quality, so you expect amazing longevity.

This model comes with replaceable earbuds, which makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. However, the design of the unit could be better, but it is great in terms of comfort and performance. The 3m straight cables are well-built, and it also gives you full moving freedom while using.

No matter how big your head is, the adjustable headband will adapt the shape automatically. If you talk about the performance, then it has a decent frequency range of 16Hz to 20 kHz, which means that it will give your good audio quality.

It maintains the quality in all types of music genres, and you will get decent bass with a good treble.

6. Sony MDR-XB450AP Wired Headphones

Sony MDR-XB450AP Wired Headphones


  • Drivers- 3.5mm
  • Frequency- 5Hz – 22kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wired
  • Weight- 185 g
  • Warranty- 1 year
  • Sensitivity- 102 dB/mW
  • Impedance- 24 Ohm

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comfortable and smooth ear pads
  • Foldable design
  • In-line remote compatible

Buy Now at Amazon

This headphone from Sony is loved by people all over the world for its sleek design. It comes with soft ear-cups that provide a comfortable music experience. The closed-ear design of this model prevents the outside sound from coming through.

However, the noise cancelation is average, but that won’t create any difference to the sound quality.

In this model, you will get Neodymium drivers on each ear pad, which elevates the sound output and gives you a better feel. You could also increase the volume without worrying about sound distortions. This headphone is equipped with a frequency range of 5Hz to 22KHz along with an upgraded sensitivity of 102dB/mW. 

It means that this headphone has the ability to handle different frequencies that most other models cannot. It is loaded with the Beat Response Technology that makes sure you get a deep and tight bass response. It supports all the media devices, so you could easily use it with your tablets, mobiles, and laptops.

7. OneOdio A71 Wired Headphones

Oneodio headphones


  • Drivers- 40mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wired
  • Weight- 440 g
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Sensitivity- 110dB +-3dB
  • Impedance– 32 Ohm

Reasons to Buy:

  • Clear sound range
  • Comfortable to wear and operate
  • Very durable

Buy Now at Amazon

If comfort and performance are your main priority, then this OneOdio A71 will never disappoint you. The A-grade ear cushions ensure maximum comfort, even if you wear them for long hours. It features a stainless-steel slider that helps you adjust the headphone as per your needs.

The ear-pads come in an oval design with tension-releasing cushions, which gives you a perfect fit and avoids sound leakage. The upgraded 40mm drivers deeper stereo sound, so you could hear the minor details. This makes it perfect for gamers as they could easily hear their enemies’ footprints.

It comes with a 1-key mic mute that enables you to control the microphone in just a single click. The omnidirectional microphone elevates the performance level of this headphone and makes it perfect for streaming, video calls, and podcasting. The build quality of this headphone is excellent, and with little care, it can stay with you for a long time.

8. EKSA E3000 Wired Headphones

EKSA E3000 Wired Headphones


  • Drivers- 50mm
  • Frequency- 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Range Wireless/Wired- Wired
  • Weight- 540 g
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Sensitivity- 114 +/- 3dB
  • Impedance- 32 Ohm

Reasons to Buy:

  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Excellent sound output

Buy Now at Amazon

This headphone from EKSA is also very popular among gaming geeks and music enthusiasts. It comes with dynamic 50mm drivers that provide heavy and strong stereo sound.

You will get to experience a broad frequency range, and it will enhance the overall music experience. It features an adjustable headband with soft earmuffs.

This does not only improves the wearing experience but also add detailing to the look of the headphone. The 360-degree microphone picks all the minor beats, and it also comes with noise cancellation technology, which stops the outside noise. In this headphone, you will also get RGB light on the ear cups.

It works with all the major game consoles along with various operating systems. The body of this unit is made of high-quality materials, which makes it extremely durable.

It comes with oxygen-free copper wire that minimizes sound distortion by a huge percent, resulting in better sound range and quality.

Things to Consider 

Now, the Indian market is brimming with headphone manufacturers who claim to provide the best quality models at both cheap and high rates. Testing all the items could be a very daunting task, so the best alternative we could give you is to go through some essential factors before making your final purchase. Here below are 11 important factors you should keep in mind before buying a headphone:

1. Types of Headphones: 

As we are exclusively talking about headphones, we will not discuss the In-Ear style headphones or commonly known as earphones. That said, here are the types of headphones with their pros and cons:

1: On-Ear Headphones 

Supra-aural or On-Ear is a type of headphones that sits on the user’s outer ear rather than completely covering/blocking the entire ear. The band attached to these types of headphones goes behind or over the head. On-Ear headphones are lighter, smaller, and more portable in comparison to Over-Ear headphones.


  • Compact and easy to carry around.
  • They do not produce too much heat.


  • It may pinch the user’s ears.
  • Sound leakage.

2. Over-Ear Headphones 

Circumaural or Over-Ear headphones are the ones that cover up the entire ear blocking all the external noises and giving better sound quality. These types of headphones are extremely comfortable as there is no pinching or pressure on the outer ear.


  • Cancel external sound, giving better sound quality.
  • Comfortable on ears.


  • Heavier and less portable than other types.
  • Costlier than On-Ear headphones.

2. Wired/Wireless 

Another important thing to consider when buying a headphone is to figure out which one will be more comfortable for your daily lifestyle – a wired headphone or a wireless headphone?

Wired Headphones 

Both On-Ear and Over-Ear headphones are available with a wired connection. A wired headphone can handle more data than a wireless headphone as it collects analog signals. This means you will experience better sound quality in these wired headphones.

Moreover, wired headphones don’t work on batteries, which eliminates the charging process. That being said, the downside of a wired headphone is the wire itself; tangling, breaking, and audio jack problem are common issues you will have to face.

Wireless Headphones  

Wireless headphones come without a cord, which means you will have better mobility and efficiency in your life. You can find both the Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones with no wire attached, making you more stylish and free whilst enjoying your favorite music or podcast.

The sound quality is often a big debate when it comes to wired and wireless headphones. According to our tests, we found some wireless headphones delivering better sound quality than wired headphones.

This concludes, both types have superb sound quality, but if you want something more futuristic, more portable, and you are ready to consistently recharge the batteries, a wireless headphone is what you should go for.

3. Closed Back vs Open Back 

The two types of variations in headphones are closed back and open back. This is an important factor for a handful of reasons, let us look at each of the variations and learn why.

Closed Back: 

In this variant, the headphone’s outer case is sealed and does not have any vents. This helps the sound to stay inside the ear cup, giving you better sound and more isolation from the environment.

They are good for recording, listening to high-bass music, and workout and if you want isolation in public areas. They may not be suitable for long sessions as heat can build up, or ears can become sweaty inside the headphones.

Open Back: 

In this variant, the outer case of the headphone has vents or holes that allow the sound to turn out more natural and clearer.

This variant is suitable for gaming, editing, listening to ambient music, and long hour of works. As the ear cup has vents, the outer sound can enter in, and the inner sound can bleed out.

4. Battery Life (Wireless): 

As a wireless headphone requires a battery to function, you need to focus on a model that has good battery life. By good, we mean your wireless headphone should be able to provide its services for up to 15 – 20 hours.

5. Weight: 

Headphones are heavier than earphones, so if you are buying a headphone for the first time, make sure to keep the model’s weight in your mind. If you want something light and compact, we suggest you go for On-Ear headphones listed above.

However, if you could handle more than 450g weight for a long duration, you can try Over-Ear headphones too! But make sure you don’t go for more than 600 grams as it may cause problems in your neck in the long run.

6. Fit and Comfort: 

When buying an Over-Ear or On-Ear headphone, you don’t need to worry too much about the fitting as they come with an adjustable mechanism.

Talking about comfort, Over-Ear headphones are comfortable on the ears because they don’t pinch or put pressure on the outer ear in comparison to On-Ear headphones. On the flip side, On-Ear headphones are lighter and don’t produce too much heat on the user’s ear.

7. Frequency Range:

The frequency range of a headphone means the range of sound it can produce. The frequency range is measured in Hertz (Hz), and you will find most of the headphones’ frequency range between 20 Hz 20 kHz. This is the range of a normal human being can detect.

8. Sensitivity:

If you are meticulous about your next headphones, then this is the factor you should consider. The sensitivity of a headphone is nothing but the specification showing how loud your model can get.

Most of the brands keep the sensitivity of their product approximately 95-110 dB. Louder than 110 dB could potentially damage your hearing, so make sure you read the sensitivity that the manufacturer writes on their description.

9. Impedance: 

The impedance of a headphone is expressed in Ohms (Ohm). When buying a headphone, buy a model that has low impedance, say less than 50 Ohm. Most headphones on this list are 16 – 32 Ohm, which means you are going to get clearer and transparent sound and with a good bass definition. Low impedance headphones are compatible with devices that have low amplification abilities. These devices are your smartphones and compact music players.

10. Aesthetics: 

Of course, you need your headphones to look futuristic and unique, but this must be the last factor in your mind when buying a headphone. Sure, some headphones may look more appealing, but they will be of no use if they are not comfortable on your ear and head or have very sensitive mechanism. Proceed in this manner – check the suitability, comfort, sound quality, portability, and finally, the aesthetics.


Indian market alone has more than 200 well-established and known brands that manufacture good quality headphones at a reasonable price. However, when you get too many options, confusion arises on which model to choose. So, to save your time and effort, we decided to do the heavy work and bring you a list of top 8 headphones under 3k that are doing exceptionally well in the market and are also easily available.

If you have gone through the list and are still confused about your selection, let us give you our top three picks that we have cooked up after hours of comparison and customer reviews.

  • If you love premium looking gadgets, then the boAt Rockerz 510 Headphones is an ideal option for you. It is equipped with control board that helps you control everything very efficiently. You will get an amazing battery backup of 20 hours, and it easily gets recharged within 2.5 hours.
  • The next in our recommendation list is the Sony MDR-XB450AP Headphones It features an elegant design the bass response of this headphone is also excellent. It comes with an in-built mic that supports hands-free calling, and the swivel design makes it very convenient to carry.
  • For people who want a good headphone for gaming and streaming purposes, this EKSA E900 Headphones is perfect. It comes with amazing noise cancellation ability, and it is also detachable. The ear-cups feel very smooth, and the frequency range provides distortion-free audio.

If you are serious about your next headphone and want to make the best out of your investment, don’t forget to go through our buying guide section with eleven important factors to bear in mind. We did our best to share all the valuable information with you regarding headphones and how you can buy the most suitable model for you. Good luck with your shopping!

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