Best Laptop Power Banks in India 2020

The basic idea behind having a laptop is to stay connected and complete your tasks whenever and wherever you are. However, at times your laptop battery may give up, making it impossible for you to work.

This is where laptop power banks come into the picture. They will help you in staying connected 24/7 on the go. They keep your laptop powered up even when you do not have a source for charging your laptop.

Before you go ahead and buy a laptop power bank, there are certain things to be considered. We will talk in detail about all these considerations in the following sections of this article. Among the several things to consider, here are a few key features that one must look into before selecting a power bank for their laptop.

  • Capacity: This is a very important factor while picking a laptop power bank. You need to ensure that the power bank gets powered up enough or has the capacity to charge your laptop. The power bank you pick must at least have a capacity of 30000 mAh.
  • Size & dimension: The basic idea behind having a power bank is that it should be portable enough to be carried around with you. The size and dimension of the laptop power bank play a major role in determining this.
  • Power: The power provided by each power bank varies. If you need fast charging of your laptop, you need to consider this factor before making the purchase. Ideally, look for a power bank that can charge your laptop in less than 10 hours.

Since there are several laptop power banks, you may find yourself in a spot wherein you do not know which power bank will serve the purpose best. There is a Buying Guide that will help you choose the right one for you. Also, we have made a list of the best laptop power banks in India. Check it out!

Best Laptop Power Banks in India 2020

Laptop Power BanksCapacity:CompatibilityWarrantyBuy Now
Coolnut CNP-821 Laptop Power Bank60000 mAhLaptops, tablets, smartphones, and Wi-Fi routers3 yearsBuy Now
Dell PW7018LC  Laptop Power Bank65 whDell Inspiron, Latitude, Venue 11 Pro, Vostro10 daysBuy Now
AUKEY Laptop Power Bank30000 mAhNintendo switch, phones, tablets10 daysBuy Now
PowerOak Laptop Power Bank36000 mAhApple laptop, Notebook, iPad, iPhone10 daysBuy Now
Batpower Laptop Power Bank148 whLenovo Thinkpad, Carbon Ultrabook, Ideapad Helix, Flex Yoga Notebook7 daysBuy Now
Halo Bolt Laptop Power Bank58830 mAhLaptops, tablets, smartphones, MacBooks, cameras10 daysBuy Now
Anker A1362 Laptop Power Bank19000 mAhNexus 5X/6P, iPhone Xs/Xr/X /8, Macbooks10 daysBuy Now
OMARS Laptop Power Bank24000 mAhMacBook, laptops, tablets, and smartphones10 daysBuy Now
AUKEY Laptop Power Bank60 whMacBook/Pro, Dell XPS, iPhone X/8/Plus, Samsung Note 810 daysBuy Now

Best Laptop Power Banks in India 2020: Reviews

1. Coolnut CNP-821 Laptop Power Bank

Coolnut Power Bank


  • Capacity: 60000 mAh
  • Connectivity: Output 1, output 2, DC output, input slot, inverter slot
  • Charging time: 10 hours
  • Compatibility: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and WiFi routers
  • Warranty: 3 years

Reasons to buy

  • Charges even medical and small electrical devices other than laptops
  • Has an amazing battery capacity.
  • Acts as a charger and a power supplier at the same time.

Buy Now at Amazon

Unavailability of a power source when you are traveling can become a major hindrance when you are working on something very important on your laptop. This portable power bank for laptops by Coolnut with a charging capacity of 60000 mAh can be a savior during such times.

This multifunctional laptop power bank can charge a variety of gadgets that are up to 150 Watts power, including laptop, cleaning equipment, camera, drones, projectors, and so much more, in less than 10 hours. The versatility of this power bank makes it a must-have.

Since this is a portable power bank, you can easily carry it with you when you are outdoors and cannot access a power source nearby. This power bank can easily fit into your backpack or any other carryon luggage.

This has the amazing feature of being compatible with solar panels as well. Through this feature, you can directly charge it from the sunlight. Get this power bank now and avoid a situation wherein you face issues due to being disconnected.

2. Dell PW7018LC Laptop Power Bank 

Dell Power Bank


  • Capacity: 65 WH
  • Connectivity: USB-C, two USB ports
  • Compatibility:  Dell Inspiron, Latitude, Venue 11 Pro, Vostro
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • More than 2 USB charging ports

Buy Now at Amazon

Increase your work productivity by keeping this Dell laptop charging power bank handy. It brings extra power to you whenever required, no matter where you are. With 65 WH capacity, if you are someone who travels a lot, this power bank is essential that you must invest in.

The design of this power bank by Dell is pretty compact, and it is lightweight as well. This is why it can fit in any bag of yours when you are on the go. Featuring two USB charging ports, this Dell power bank can be used to even charge your mobile phones simultaneously along with your laptop.

Apart from the laptops and smartphones, any other device which supports USB charging can be charged using the Dell power bank. You do not have to carry it separately and add bulk to your luggage. It fits snuggly, even in your laptop bag or case.

Since this power bank supports in-bag charging, you can have a powered up device whenever needed. It has been specifically designed to charge all the popular models of Dell laptops. So, if you own a Dell laptop, this is a must-have add-on accessory.

3. AUKEY Laptop Power Bank

Aukey Power Bank


  • Capacity: 30000 mAh
  • Connectivity: USB C, quick charge 3.0
  • Compatibility: Nintendo switch, phones, tablets, and more
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • The portable charger which holds great power for a long time.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Outstanding customer service

Buy Now at Amazon

The battery capacity of this power bank by Aukey is outstanding and can give hours of charge for your laptop and other devices like tablets and smartphones. This charger is designed using all the trending charging technologies in such a way that it satisfies all your device charging needs.

With 30000 mAH capacity, it hardly takes a few hours to completely charge your devices. For instance, if you want to charge your MacBook 2016, you can expect the Aukey charger to do it fully in just 5.5 hours. This is almost the same capacity that you would get if you had charged your MacBook 2016 in the usual way.

Not just MacBook 2016, but even the other devices can get charged quickly within no time. The charging speed is faster than even the conventional means. Any USB powered device, including the phones by Apple and Android, can be charged effectively with a minimum amount of time.

It comes with a 10-day replacement guarantee. This means that you can replace this product from the source if you are not satisfied with the results given by it. Buy this now and forget all your laptop charging woes.

4. PowerOak Laptop Power Bank

Portable Charger Poweroak


  • Capacity: 36000 mAh
  • Connectivity: 1 x USB-C, 2 x USB, input discharge port, output discharge port, 1 x recharge port
  • Compatibility: Apple laptop, Notebook, iPad, iPhone
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Versatile design and functions.
  • Multiple devices can be charged at the same time.
  • Perfect for traveling.

Buy Now at Amazon

Having a discharged laptop when you are on the go is an uncomfortable situation to be in. It becomes even more of a hassle when you have loads of pending work on your hand, and you cannot seem to find a power source for charging your laptop.

Does this situation seem familiar to you? If yes, then this 36000 mAh power bank by PowerOak is perfect for you. PowerOak is known to produce some excellent gadgets which have slowly become essential in every other household.

This versatile power bank features superior performance and effectiveness in charging your laptops. Due to its versatile design, you can even use this power bank for charging mobile phones and tablets.

This power bank by PowerOak is pretty compact and lightweight. This means that it is perfect for people who are generally on the go. While traveling, you can just fit this power bank in your handbag or laptop bag easily without worrying about too much extra weight.

5. Batpower Laptop Power Bank

Batpower Power Bank


  • Capacity: 148 WH
  • Connectivity: 1 x main output, 3.0 quick charge output, 2 x USB outputs, 1 x fast Adapter input, 1 x slow charge input
  • Compatibility: Lenovo Thinkpad, Carbon Ultrabook, Ideapad Helix, Flex Yoga Notebook
  • Warranty: 7 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Can charge your Notebook in just a few minutes.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Effectively charges even smartphones.

Buy Now at Amazon

The power charger by Batpower proves to be extremely capable when it comes to charging your devices like laptops, notebooks, and smartphones. Since these are a few devices that are essentially used by everyone on an everyday basis, having a power bank like this will prove to be very useful.

Although this 148 WH power bank is slightly on the heavier slide, it makes up for it by offering outstanding charging capabilities for multiple devices. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities or travels a lot, then this power bank needs to be with you at all times.

It also comes with a personal bag so that you can conveniently place the power bank in it to avoid it from getting mixed up with other devices of yours. It also comes with a user manual, which makes it easier for you to understand the operations of this power bank easily.

The operation of this power bank is as it is pretty intuitive, which makes it pretty easy for even novice users. Buy this power bank by PowerOak and forget worrying about low charge in your laptop due to power outages or any other similar scenarios.

6. Halo Bolt Laptop Power Bank

Halo Bolt Power bank


  • Capacity: 58830 mAh
  • Connectivity: 1 x flood light power button, 1 x flood light, 1 x car jump starter point, 1 x main power button, 1 x power level indicator, 1 x USB ports, 1 x charging input port, 1 x AC output, 1 x AC power button
  • Compatibility: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, MacBooks, cameras
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Comes with a quick start guide and operating instructions.
  • Carrying pouch included.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Buy Now at Amazon

The portable powerhouse by Halo provides charge not just for devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, but also for your car. It has jumper cables included, which can be easily used to jump-start a boat, car, or even a lawnmower.

If you are constantly on the road or travel a lot, this 58830 mAh portable charger can be greatly useful for you. It can be used to charge multiple devices, making it an essential accessory to be owned by everyone.

It is very light and compact in design, which makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. It also comes packed in a carry pouch, and this will avoid it from getting mixed up with other wires, cables, and equipment.

You can blindly rely on this power charge by Halo during power outages and other similar scenarios. Buy this power charge now and enjoy fully charged electronic devices whenever and wherever you go.

7. Anker A1362 Laptop Power Bank

Anker power Bank


  • Capacity: 19000 mAh
  • Connectivity: USB-C Hub
  • Compatibility: Nexus 5X/6P, iPhone Xs/Xr/X /8, Macbooks, and more
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Versatile.
  • Highly effective.

Buy Now at Amazon

There are many people whose lives involve a lot of travel, almost on an everyday basis. If you are among those people, you would be familiar with the uncomfortable situation of having a discharged laptop, phone, or other such essential gadgets.

This 19000 mAh Anker PowerCore portable charger is the answer to all such woes. If you are a frequent traveler, you must buy this piece of equipment for a smooth experience. You no longer would have to worry about task delays due to a discharged laptop or smartphone.

This outstanding charger has sufficient ports and the capacity to charge devices on the go. Since it comes in a sleek and compact design, it is extremely portable and can be carried around with you whenever you travel from one place to another.

This is one of the best gadgets introduced by Anker and has already gained a huge popularity. Although the price may seem a bit too steep, the added features and excellent efficiency makes it a promising buy.

8. OMARS Laptop Power Bank

Omars power bank


  • Capacity: 24000 mAh
  • Connectivity: Two USB ports, charge input, AC output
  • Compatibility: MacBook, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Ultra-high power and capacity.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Excellent safety check features.

Buy Now at Amazon

This 24000 mAh ultra-high capacity and power gadget by Omars provide an excellent solution for charging your phones on the go. With such high capacity, this power bank can easily charge multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. used by everyone on a day to day basis.

This power charger has high output and input. This gives way for the wonderful feature of fast charging electronic devices. This means that not only does this power charger gets charged quickly, it also is very quick in charging the other electronic gadgets as well.

During charging, this power bank by Omars ensures that there is minimum loss of energy. This makes the charging process pretty efficient and powerful. With the in-built safety check features, you can be sure that no major issues crop up due to temperature fluctuations when you are traveling.

The customer service for this product is exceptional. If, in case of any queries or guidance for operating this power bank by Omars, you can expect to get full assistance from the customer service team.

9. AUKEY Laptop Power Bank

Aukey Powerbank


  • Capacity: 60 W
  • Connectivity: Dual Port USB
  • Compatibility: MacBook/Pro, Dell XPS, iPhone X/8/Plus, Samsung Note 8, and more
  • Warranty: 10 days replacement

Reasons to Buy

  • Features airpower charging technology.
  • Supports future-proof charging.
  • Easy to use.

Buy Now at Amazon

True to its name, Aukey charging station acts as a central power source for charging electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, notebooks, and smartphones. When this power bank is kept handy, you can forget worrying about work delays due to power outages and other similar scenarios.

It is a 60-watt charging station that can easily charge high-end laptops like Macbooks, Dell XPS range, and even smartphones like the Samsung Note series, iPhones, etc.

This power bank has been designed using airpower adaptive technology and delivers high-performance efficiency each time it is used. This makes for a perfect essential for all those people whose lives involve a lot of travel.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Laptop Power Bank

To ensure that you make the right choice, you need to consider these following factors when you are looking for laptop power banks.

1. Capacity

You need to evaluate the number of times you would want to charge your laptop without using the conventional means. The capacity of the power bank must be able to satisfy this need. Generally, for charging a laptop, a power bank capacity of 30000 mAh or more would be suitable.

2. Input and output

These days there are a variety of power banks for laptops that come with different input and output. Ensure that the power bank you choose is compatible with the charging cable you use to charge your laptop.

3. Price

If you are looking for the ideal laptop power bank which fits all your needs, you need to look beyond just the pictures of the power bank. Although a power bank available at a cheap rate may seem like a good choice, it may actually lack certain features required by you. You need to do your research and pick a power bank that is priced reasonably and also has all the essential features required by you.

4. Portability

The main advantage of having a power bank is that you can carry it around wherever you go. However, this purpose won’t be justified if the power bank is too heavy or too large. Pick a compact and sleek power bank model which can easily fit in your handbag and is also not too heavy that it adds too much of an extra weight to your luggage.

5. Power

You would not want a power bank which is good in all other aspects but does not charge your laptop quickly. The power bank you pick for your laptop should be able to support fast charging, or it should at least have a charging power equivalent to that of the conventional charging. Pick up a charging station that can charge your laptop within 6-10 hours max.


A situation wherein your laptop is discharging rapidly, and there is no power source in sight is a common problem which has been faced by several people from time to time. This situation becomes even more of an inconvenience if you are working towards a deadline and cannot afford to waste time.

A power bank for laptops can come to your rescue in such situations. Although all the suggested power banks in the above sections are great in serving the purpose, if you are still confused, we narrow your choices down to the three most recommended power banks for laptops.

  • The power bank by Coolnut is an amazing choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced power bank which is highly durable. It can be used to charge multiple electronic gadgets within no time and hence is highly recommended.
  • If you own a Dell laptop, then Power Bank Plus by Dell is an amazing choice. It is compatible with almost all the popular models of Dell laptops and is highly efficient in its charging function.
  • The power charger by Halo is another great choice for charging your laptops on the go. This power bank’s compact and lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for all those who travel frequently.

This guide will make it fairly easy for you to purchase a power bank for your laptop. Do let us know your thoughts in the section for comments below!

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