Best UV Sterilizer Boxes in India 2020

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As you can most likely tell by its name, a UV sterilizer box is essentially a disinfection box that uses UV rays to clean and sanities the various objects you would use daily. This can include things like your smartphone, your wallet, the currency inside, the jewelry you are wearing, and other everyday carry objects.

If you want to get rid of all the various germs and viruses present on the surface of these objects, then using something like UV rays might be an ideal option. These last for a long time and do not get consumed, unlike rubbing alcohol or liquid-based sanitizer. Hence, we have mentioned the best UV sterilizer boxes in this article as per the following features:

Wattage: Whenever you are buying a UV sterilizer box, making sure that it is powerful enough is highly important. Thus, make sure to check the UV lamp wattage which can be given as 11 watts or 22 watts where higher is better.

Capacity: With these sterilizer boxes, checking the space available inside is also something you should consider since it tells you about the number of things you can put inside and sanitize as a 60-liter box will store more than a 40 liter one.

Warranty: If you want to keep using your UV sterilizer box for a long time without facing any issues or reliability issues, then you also need to check the warranty offered by it. This mainly includes a warranty period ranging from 6 months to 2 years long for peace of mind.

To get the proper UV sterilizer box, you still need to check more things because of which we have also mentioned all the features and options, a detailed buying guide, and a FAQ section of the all the UV sterilizer boxes in this article that you can find by going through this article until the end.

Best UV Sterilizer Boxes in India 2020

Best UV Sterilizer BoxesCapacityWattageWarrantyBuy Now
Godrej ViroShield UV Sterilizer Box30 liters44 watts1 yearBuy Now
United Medicare UV Sterilizer Box6 liters16 watts10 DaysBuy Now
DAPHNE  UV Sterilizer Box36 litersNA6 MonthsBuy Now
IFFOVERSEAS UV Sterilizer Box45 liters22 watts6 MonthsBuy Now
VISMA  UV Sterilizer Box8 liters11 watts1 yearBuy Now
Orient Electric UV Sterilizer Box34 liters22 watts1 yearBuy Now
COVID Fighter UV Sterilizer Box45 liters27 watts1 yearBuy Now
Godrej ViroShield UV Sterilizer Box21 liters44 watts10 dayBuy Now
Nessa UV Sterilizer Box20 litersNA10 DaysBuy Now

Best UV Sterilizer Boxes in India 2020: Reviews

1. Godrej ViroShield UV Sterilizer Box ( 30 Liters )


  • Wattage:44 watts
  • Capacity:30 liters
  • Warranty:1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • Highly powerful UV lamps
  • Decent capacity
  • Great build quality and long warranty

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Godrej is a highly popular brand of home appliances that now also offers a UV sterilizer box. And just like its other products, this one is also a high-performance one.

This is possible thanks to its 360-degree design that has a total of 4 UV lamps mounted on all sides which ensures that all of your objects get sanitized properly. As for the lamps, each one of them is rated at 11 watts resulting in a total output of 44 watts which is more than enough.

Because of the high power lamps, it’s given the capacity of 30 liters is just right for properly sanitizing everything inside. A great thing about this unit is that it has a great lid that ensures that UV rays do not leak outside. You get a great build quality along with a 1-year long warranty which ensures that this unit can last for a long time with ease.

2. United Medicare UV Sterilizer Box ( 6 Liters )

United Medicare UV Sterilizer Box


  • Wattage:16 watts
  • Capacity:6 liters
  • Warranty:10 Days

Reasons to Buy:

  • Medical grade equipment
  • 360 degree UV lamp design
  • Offers alarm function for sanitization

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As you can most likely tell by its name, United Medicare is a brand that offers medical equipment and related tools. Because of this, its UV sanitizer box mentioned here is one of the best options if you are looking for a medical-grade device.

It is considered as medical-grade thanks to the fact that it uses a 360-degree design that can properly sanities everything. While the lamps have an average wattage rating of 16 watts, they are high-quality germicidal UVC tubes which kill 99.9% of germs including both viruses and bacteria.

Although, if you want to sanities a lot of objects at once, then this unit might not be for you since its capacity is rated at just 6 liters which is much lower than others. One benefit of this smaller capacity is that you can sanitize everything within 1 to 5 minutes using its alarm function. While the build quality offered by it is quite good, you only get a 10-day long warranty with it which might be an issue for some users.

3. DAPHNE  UV Sterilizer Box ( 36 Liters )

DAPHNE  UV Sterilizer Box


  • Wattage:
  • Capacity:36 liters
  • Warranty:6 Months

Reasons to Buy:

  • The affordable price tag for budget buyers
  • High capacity for sanitizing multiple objects
  • Certified and tested UV lamps for the best results

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When compared with the rest of the options mentioned here in this article, Daphne is a much smaller brand of UVC disinfection or sterilizer boxes. And since it is a much smaller brand, this unit is quite affordable, making it a great pick for all the budget buyers out there. Unfortunately, there is no specific rating for the Philips UV lamp used by this sanitizer.

But, you can still be assured that its UV lamp offers excellent performance. This is due to the reason that it comes certified by ISO, CE, QVA, and various other organizations that ensure its UV lamp is up to the industry standards. One benefit of this UV sterilizer box is that it offers quite a large capacity of 36 liters so that you can easily sanitize and clean multiple objects at once.

Because it has a cloth-like construction, it can even be folded up making it an ideal option for on-the-go usage. Unlike what you would expect from a budget brand of these UV sterilizer boxes, this one comes with a 6-month long warranty for peace of mind.

4. IFFOVERSEAS UV Sterilizer Box ( 45 Liters )



  • Wattage:22 watts
  • Capacity:45 liters
  • Warranty: 6 Months

Reasons to Buy:

  • One of the largest sterilizer boxes
  • Offers decent performance along with a timer
  • Decent warranty for the given price

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Those of you who want to sterilizer either a lot of things or large objects should go with sterilizer boxes that offer high capacity. One such great option can be the Iffoverseas portable sterilizer box.

While most other units are rated at 20 or 30 liters in terms of capacity, this one offers a very high capacity of 45 liters which should be more than enough for most users. For the given capacity, it uses dual 11 watt UV lamps resulting in a total wattage rating of 22 watts for the best results.

While the sanitization duration of 7 to 10 minutes of this unit is a bit long, you can easily monitor it using the timer present on the top. Just like the previous UV sterilizer box unit, this one also comes with a cloth-like design that can be folded, making it ideal for portable usage. You also get a 6-month long warranty with this unit which is always great to have for reliability.

5. VISMA  UV Sterilizer Box ( 8 Liters )



  • Wattage:11 watts
  • Capacity:8 liters
  • Warranty:1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • High value for money with low price tag
  • Compact and portable UV sterilizer box
  • High-performance Philips UV lamps

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Out of the various options present in this article when it comes to UV sterilizer boxes, this Visma UVC disinfection box is the cheapest option. And despite that, it offers decent performance resulting in a high value for money.

Starting with its UV lamp, it uses a high-quality Philips UV lamp which is rated at 11 watts. Even though this lamp is not the most powerful enough, it is more than enough for the given capacity of 8 liters. And considering its given price, you can ask more.

One of the best things about having such a low capacity is that it gets a compact and portable form factor. Visma has offered an ON-OFF switch for its 253.7 nm UV lamp so for ease of use. Although, because Visma is a small brand of UV sterilizer boxes, it comes with just a 10-day long warranty despite its great build quality.

6. Orient Electric UV Sterilizer Box  ( 34 Liters )

Orient Electric UV Sterilizer Box


  • Wattage:22 watts
  • Capacity:34 liters
  • Warranty:1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • Decent performance
  • Great looking and easy to use design
  • Offers excellent build quality and long warranty

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Apart from its wide range of home appliances, the UV sterilizer box from Orient Electric mentioned here in this article can be a great option for home usage because of its design and features. Not only does this unit look good, but it is also a functional one thanks to its high quality 22 watt UV lamps.

These lamps offer a 360-degree throw and kill 99.9% of all the germs that might be on your objects. Since it uses a 360-degree design, these lamps can easily sanities everything that you can fit inside its given capacity of 34 liters. A great thing about this UV sanitizer box is that it can sanities everything within 4 minutes, making it one of the fastest options thanks to its 254 nm UV lamps.

Another handy thing about this unit is that it offers a great looking design and easy to use controls, making it an ideal option for your home. Because Orient Electric is a reputable brand, it offers great build quality and a 1-year long warranty with this sanitization box.

7. COVID Fighter UV Sterilizer Box ( 45 Liters )

COVID Fighter UV Sterilizer Box


  • Wattage:27 watts
  • Capacity:45 liters
  • Warranty:1 year

Reasons to Buy:

  • Offers quite a large capacity
  • Uses 3 powerful UV lamps
  • Great build quality along with a long warranty

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Whether it is COVID or any other virus that you want to get rid of from your everyday carry objects, using this COVID Fighter UV-C sterilization box can be a great option. This is due to various reasons, including powerful lamps and high capacity.

Speaking of capacity, this sterilization unit is one of the largest options out there since it is rated at a total capacity of 45 liters. When combined with its 3 UV lamps that offer a total wattage output of 27 watts, you can expect excellent results from it. On the front, you can also find a digital meter that can be useful for controlling its 360-degree design UV lamps.

If you open the door during operation, the UV lamps automatically stop for your safety. The whole sanitizer box is made out of aluminum along with a stainless steel tray for the best build quality. When combined with its 1-year long warranty, you can expect it to last for a long time.

8. UPC UV Sterilizer Box ( 21 Liters )

UPC UV Sterilizer Box ( 21 Liters )


  • Wattage:44 watts
  • Capacity:21 liters
  • Warranty:10 day

Reasons to Buy:

  • Easy to use design
  • Great build quality
  • Decent capacity rating

Buy Now at Amazon

In comparison with the other sterilizer box options present in this article and the ones available out there, UPC is quite a new brand. But even then, it can still be a great option for those who want an easy to use the unit.

While there is no wattage rating for the UV lamp used by it, it should be decently powerful with its given size of 12 inches. The replaceable UV lamp found in this unit uses a wavelength of 254 nm and can last for more than 10000 hours with ease.

This high-quality UV lamp is paired along with a decent capacity of 20 liters which should allow you to sanitize large objects if needed. On the front, you will find various controls that are quite easy to use even if you are new to these UV sterilizer boxes. The door of this unit is highly functional and makes sure that there is a proper seal to prevent UV rays leakage. Unfortunately, since it is a small brand, you only get a 10-day long warranty with it.

9. Nessa UV Sterilizer Box (  20 Liters )

Nessa UV Sterilizer Box


  • Wattage: NA
  • Capacity:20 liters
  • Warranty:10 Days

Reasons to Buy:

  • Certified UV lamp for best results
  • Kills germs in under 30 seconds
  • Comes with handy controls and features

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Coming to the last option in this article, we have a decent and certified sterilizer box option from Nessa. Despite being a smaller brand of UV sterilizer boxes, it uses a UV lamp that comes certified by CE, NABL, and ISO for the best possible results.

In fact, it can kill all germs present on the surface of your objects in under 30 seconds which is always great to have. Unfortunately, there is no wattage rating for the UV lamps used by this unit. It is able to kill germs in such a short period of time because of its 20-liter capacity. Another benefit of such a capacity rating is that this unit can even be used for portable usage.

You get multiple controls on the front, including an adjustable timer as well as a safety sensor that turns off the UV lamps whenever the door is opened. With its stainless steel and aluminum construction, you can expect this unit to last for a long time despite its 10-day long warranty.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best UV Sterilizer Boxes India

Not only have we mentioned some of the best UV sterilizer boxes in India in this article, but we have also mentioned all of their details along with them. And while these should allow you to select the right one, we are here with the things to consider before buying a UV sterilizer box which is as follows:

1. Wattage

All of the UV sterilizer boxes present in this article as well as the options available in the market use UV lamps that emit UV rays for sanitizing a given object. But, this can only happen when the UV lamps being used are bright or powerful enough. This power rating is given in watts and might include various options like 11 watts, 22 watts, or even higher where a higher wattage generally results in more power and better sanitization results.

2. Capacity

Apart from having a powerful UV lamp, your UV sterilizer box also needs to have a lot of storage space inside which is ideal to have in a box design. This is important to have when you want to save time by cleaning multiple things at once. As a result, a higher capacity of 60 liters is better than a 40-liter sterilizer box because it can take up more things at once.

3. Form Factor

There are a lot of cases when you might have to take your UV sterilizer box with you on the go. In such a case, getting a compact and small UV sterilizer box makes a lot of sense. Thus, you should check the form factor of your UV sterilizer box before getting a new one.

4. Warranty

Just like any other appliance or device that you might use at your home, making sure that your UV sterilizer box lasts for a long time is highly important. To make sure that a given unit is reliable enough, a lot of them come included with a warranty like 6 months or a year-long where the latter is better.


Throughout your whole day, you come in contact with a lot of surfaces and different objects that might have a lot of germs on their surfaces. These germs can then accumulate on your personal belongings like smartphones, wallets, masks, jewelry, and others. As a result, this can be an issue for your hygiene and your wellbeing.

Thankfully, the easy solution to this is to sanitize your personal belongings regularly. You can easily do so using one of the best UV sterilizer boxes India mentioned up above in this article. To help you in choosing the right one, we have even mentioned all of their details like features and options. You can even find the things in this article that you need to consider before getting a UV sterilizer box. But, if you are still confused, here are some of our recommendations:

VISMA  UV Sterilizer Box: If you are on a tight budget but still want to sanities your belongings, then getting this affordable Visma UVC disinfection box can be a great idea. It uses a decently powerful 11 watt UV lamp along with a compact capacity of 8 liters.

COVID Fighter UV Sterilizer Box: But if you want to sanitize a lot of things at once, then this unit from COVID Fighter might be for you with its given capacity of 45 liters. As for its lamps, it uses a total of 27 watts of UV lamps which are highly powerful.

Orient Electric UV Sterilizer Box: The Orient Electric UV Sanitech is the most popular option in this article since it makes for a great option for home usage thanks to its modern design and ease of use. You also get a pretty good capacity of 34 liters along with 22 watts of UV lamps inside it.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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