Billion power bank hands on: Made in India for India [Updated]

BILLION power bank

While phone batteries are getting larger, they can never be too much. To keep your phone running you need to have some li-ion in your backpack or bag. And what better than when it’s been made in India. After launching the Billion Capture+ some time back, Flipkart is pushing its Billion brand with full speed ahead with another solid launch. We are talking about the recently launched Billion Power Bank that should be able to charge your phone multiple times.

Billion power bank comes with a massive 15,000mAh storage with should ideally be able to charge a phone with 3,000mAh battery 3-4 times. That’s more than half week without having to look for a wall socket. What’s more, the power bank sports two USB ports rated at 5V/2.1A allowing you to charge multiple devices at a time. Hold on, we’re not done yet. It also features a torch.


billion power bank

Inside the box you’ll find a USB cable, power bank and a warranty card. The power bank weighs 320 grams and comes with a metal body design that gives it a premium look and finish. It’s available in back and rose gold.

Don’t let the size fool you, the power bank is fairly portable and doesn’t feel too heavy to hold. It can easily fit inside your back pack or your bag and you won’t even likely notice after a while.

billion front billion side

billion back


The Billion power bank comes with A+ grade li-ion batteries that can live for over 500 discharge cycles. A microprocessor inside controls the amount of current being sent out of the USB port so you can charge not only a variety of smartphones, but other devices like headsets, cameras, smartwatches, etc.

4 LED indicators tell you the current charge level while a LED bulb at the front acts like a torch. It’s not too bright, but good enough to look for keys in your bag at night. The power bank is also capable of charging two devices at rapid charging rate simultaneously. Both the USB ports can independently discharge a current of 2.1A. When using together, the current is split across both the ports (the voltage being 5V across both irrespective of the number of devices). The 2.1A discharge should see faster charging times, almost double that of 1A power banks.

Overall impressions

In sequence: Billion power bank, Mi 20,000mAh, Mi 10,000mAh, and OnePlus 5T

The Billion power bank looks to beat the competition with one year warranty, use of high grade batteries, and a hard to beat price, making it a valuable buy for potential buyers. We only got our hands on the power bank recently and are still carrying out further tests to test real world usage. Stay tuned to see more detailed evaluation of this power bank in the coming days.

Updated: 10/02/2018

Having spent a week with the power bank, we were able to charge the Galaxy S8 (3,000mAh) battery close to 4 times from the Billion power bank before the battery was drained completely. That’s roughly 80% efficiency, which you could say is not bad.