Five things I hate about my Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S8 after using the Moto Maxx (Moto Turbo) for over two years. Of course, the S8 deserves all the praise that it gets and you’ll find laurels about its camera, performance and display all over the internet. However, as happy as I am with my purchase, the phone does have a few shortcomings that make me miss my Moto Turbo sometimes. After using the phone for over two weeks, here are the biggest gripes I have with the Samsung Galaxy S8.


1. The edge display isĀ over-hyped

S8 curve

My primary reason for getting this phone over any other phone was the curved display that Samsung has successfully been able to market over the last three generations. It looks gorgeous don’t get me wrong. However, unlike the photos, there’s nothing spectacular about it in real life. I remember seeing the edge display on Note 4 Edge and boy, that was some curve on the screen. This one, well, it is there but barely. For most of you out there, the curves would be sandwiched between the screen protector and the back case. Also, the edge drawer isn’t something very useful (you can add another home screen instead). All in all, yes it adds to the appeal, but practically, it doesn’t do much.


2. Battery life is mediocre

Galaxy S8 battery

My Moto Turbo, even after two years, easily lasted for more than 24 hours on a single charge (it used to be close to 36 hours in the beginning). Well, that was because it had a massive 3,900mAh battery. My Galaxy S8 on the other hand, demands I plug it into the charger in under 18 hours with moderate use. High usage sees that number going down to under 10 hours. Yes, the fast charging helps, but still it’s not something I’m really happy with. Not to mention I don’t use my phone for gaming at all. I have definitely seen phones with better backup and while the extra power modes help, I would have liked slightly better backup times on everything being as it is.


3. Moto’s Active Display was much better than the Always On display on the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 comes with an Always On display that less you see the clock along with the notifications without having to turn on the display (along with a wallpaper in the background that I need to figure out how to remove). Neat, yes, but I liked Moto’s implementation way more where I had to wave my hand over the display to show pretty much the same things the S8 shows in this mode. Why? Because it is way more friendly on the battery.


4. I would have liked to use Bixby button for something else

The Galaxy S8 comes with a dedicated Bixby physical button that let’s you launch the Bixby assistant. Only that I don’t want to. I’d much rather use this for the flash light, or the camera, or something that I find more useful. There are workarounds, but would have been better had Samsung given us this choice to begin with.


5. Bloatware


Samsung has pre-loaded the S8 with plethora of apps from Microsoft, Google, and some of their own labs. Some of them while useful, others I’d simply like to get rid of. My only issue is that my phone won’t let me. I can disable them yes, but can’t uninstall them. Need I mention that I would have liked it the other way around. Thank you Samsung, but there’s this Play Store that allows me to pick these apps for free in case I want to. So, thanks, but no thanks.


There are a few other minor gripes that I have with the phone, but then there are a dozen of things that make me happy with my purchase too. I love the screen, the camera, the weight and the 18:9 ratio of the display. Samsung was nice enough to ship a free wireless charger (that won’t reach me for another 20 days though).

All in all, the Galaxy S8 is worthy of being called an Android flagship and with the prices expected to drop after the launch of Galaxy Note 8, it would be a good time to pick this phone up.