Here’s how I improved my Android phone’s battery life

Here's how I managed to improve battery life on my Android phone

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I own an Android phone (Moto Turbo to be precise) and like most of the other users around the world, I find my phone’s battery life to be its biggest bottleneck. Don’t get me wrong, with a 3,900mAh battery, the phone easily lasts over a day. However, I tend to get greedy and expect more out of my device.

Now, you might have already read several posts on how to get the most out of your phone’s tiny battery and this is just chapter in that series. Thanks to Android 5.0 on my phone, I’m able to see which apps or services are drawing the most battery. I have quite a few apps installed, including the common ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and a few games. When I did look into the battery usage page on the phone, Facebook and Google Play¬†Services usually took the top spots. That was rather surprising for me since I don’t do a lot of Facebook on phone and use¬†Google apps occasionally. It wasn’t surprising that I removed Facebook from my phone and now use it on the phone’s browser.

Chrome, as it turns out, runs Facebook just fine. You get access to the news feed, notifications, all the pages that you like and even the messages section (which doesn’t work on the app). The only thing that gets omitted is notifications and I can live without Facebook nagging me every once in a while. My live hasn’t gone down for the worse since removing the app and I find no difference between using Facebook over Chrome or the app.

The other thing I did to stop the battery drain was go into Settings>Apps and disable all the non essential Google apps. I don’t use Google+ or Drive on my phone. I’ve even disabled Gmail, since Outlook works for me better.

android battery life

Doing both these things has resulted in an improved battery life on my phone. Of course, I’m not claiming that the battery life has doubled, but a few extra hours of battery juice is definitely a welcome change. Google Play Services usually account for 1% battery drain now and is usually at the bottom in the list of apps draining the most battery.

I also tend to keep my location off since a lot of apps use GPS while running (even when you don’t want them to) and drain battery. No, not Maps, but apps like Messenger. Whenever I need to use GPS, I simply turn it on with a simple swipe and tap.

All this has led to a comfortable 30-36 hours of stand by time on my phone. Having to charge it every alternate day works great for me and these above steps could help you too. Got any more tips? Share them in the comments below.

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