How Amazon Prime almost ruined my Iceland trip (and how it was saved)

amazon prime

I finally decided to experience Iceland this year after months of planning to see what all the hype is about (hint: it is worth it). So the dates were finalized for September because, duh, Northern Lights. The tickets were booked and my flight from New Delhi was supposed to leave at 11 PM in the night.

Now here’s a bit of backstory (there’s a TLDR at the end of this post if you just want to get to the point). Being lazy, I usually pack my stuff on the night before the flight which is not the best way to do it, I know, but then. And being a photography enthusiast, I carry my 7kg camera kit, which includes my Nikon D7200 and three lenses and a flash, everywhere I travel. But on that unfortunate night, I discovered that my camera charger had went bust (how convenient). No worries, I thought. If I could find it somewhere online that might deliver it by the next day, my trip could still be salvaged. And lo, Amazon Prime was promising to deliver it by the 6 PM on the next day if I ordered it in the next 1 hour and 18 minutes. I obliged and, heaving a sigh of relief, finished my other packing.

Now here’s when things started to get a little tense. I was in the office and it was already 4 PM with no signs of my charger. The Amazon app showed that it was out for delivery since 8 AM. I reached out to Amazon over chat support and they assured me it was going to get delivered by 6 PM, come what may. Well, I was starting to get a little uneasy but not like I could do much about it. Soon the clock struck 6 and the package was still not here. I called up Amazon and they claimed not to worry since the package would be here by 8 PM.

I was pretty annoyed at this point because, one, this was not what they had promised and, second, I could not wait till 8. I decided to wait 45 more minutes in which nothing happened. That was all I was willing to wait. I grabbed my car keys and rushed to the Nikon store on the other end of the town to buy the charger which was the same price as online. I was cursing myself for taking such a huge risk, but thankfully, my once in a lifetime trip wasn’t getting ruined and I still had the time to board my flight.

Of course, the clock soon whizzed past 8 and the package was still not delivered. I promptly called support and canceled the order. Until then, the reason for delivery failure being shown – Unable to reach the customer. Except, the customer had been eagerly sitting in front of his phone all day long and was waiting to hear from Amazon. Had I not been able to arrange the charger from the store, I’m sure Amazon would have never had seen another penny from me and no amount of apologizing (which they did a lot) would have changed it.

And this happened not in some tier-2 town, but in NCR. I don’t hate Amazon really, and would still say their Prime delivery is much faster than the competition. But I also learned that when it is absolutely crucial to get something on time, online websites cannot beat the dependability of a traditional brick-and-mortar, at least in India.

Luckily, the trip turned out to be pretty great. Here are a couple of pics of Aurora Borealis I managed to capture.

TLDR: Booked a trip to Iceland. Realized on the second last day that my camera’s charger had gone kaput. Ordered it on Amazon Prime since they promised to deliver it before my flight took off. They didn’t. Don’t hate them but lessons learned.

Northern Lights Northern Lights

Northern Lights

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