It doesn’t make sense to buy majority of the Android flagships anymore. Here’s why

hold off that android purchase

After reading the title, you must be thinking I’m an amateur who knows nothing about smartphones. Okay, well, I have a perfectly good reason to make you hold off that big purchase you’re planning in a few weeks time. No, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a super expensive Android flagship anymore. It’s not because Android is no longer relevant. Not even because I think Apple phones are better. It’s just that there’s something better on the horizon and it makes sense to hold off that purchase.

One of the many things that change in flagships every year is the processor. How manufacturers claim the new processor is 10-30% faster and consumes less energy than before. Well, the thing is that most of the current flagships use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 and it’s a great processor. Maybe even the best in the Android stables (it’s no match for the Apple A12). However, the 845 has been around for a long time now and it’s successor, the Snapdragon 855, is almost set to be unveiled.

Early leaks point at a Septa (7) core processor with three high-performance cores clocked at a base frequency of 2.4GHz, while the other four managing the regular tasks at a 1.8GHz base frequency. The Adreno 640 graphics is also expected to improve the graphics capabilities significantly over the Adreno 630 seen in SD845. It will also be built on 7nm fabrication process, ensuring lower power consumption. Lastly, expect 5G ready modems in some, if not all, models being released with the Snapdragon 855.

Early rumors point at a performance at par with Apple’s A12 chip. While that’s not exactly something groundbreaking, it’s the best Android has to offer.

We think that’s a good enough solid reason to hold off any purchase you might be planning. While the first phones with the Snapdragon 855 might only become available in February next year, it’s worth the wait if you can.

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