Microsoft has itself to blame for the current state of Windows Phone

Microsoft has itself to blame for the current state of Windows Phone

lumia 950

Microsoft’s struggles in the mobile segment continue to haunt the company five years after it first released Windows Phone 7 to the public. We’re on the verge of Windows 10 for Mobile and yet Microsoft languishes behind Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The bigger problem is that instead of things going Microsoft’s way, they seem to be going the other way around. Recent Gartner report put Microsoft’s mobile OS’ share at a measly 1.7% for the third quarter of 2015, down from 3% an year ago.

Yes, we’re expecting Windows 10 for Mobiles to change that trend, but even with Microsoft’s bets hope till now, it seems like the ecosystem won’t be making much of a headway in the immediate future. While you could blame the lack of apps, Microsoft isn’t any less to be blamed either. Windows 10 has been delayed for so long that in hopes of releasing hardware designed around the OS, we haven’t seen a decent phone from the company in a while. The Lumia 950 and 950XL were announced long back and have only started becoming available now in major markets. That’s quite a time between the announcement and the launch, enough to kill the buzz around the devices. Then, their average ergonomics don’t help things much. Yes, Continuum is great, but we doubt it can be a game changer. It’s not like you’ll be able to run legacy apps using your phone.

In the mid and low range, Microsoft’s hardware is completely outdated. Lumia 640 and 640XL were great when they were launched, but do not stand anywhere near their competitors from the recent times. The Lumia 5xx series on the other hand seems like a crude joke with weak Snapdragon 200 processor that no one seems to be interested in. On top of that, Microsoft still hasn’t discounted these models and they look like a joke at their asking price. We need phones with bigger batteries, Snapdragon 410 or 615/617, 1080p displays and LTE capabilities. It’s high time Microsoft woke up to the market realities. They aren’t competing with Samsung or Sony (which seem to have caught up with the competition too), but with the likes of Lenovo and Xiaomi.

Had Microsoft’s software been great, we wouldn’t have minded the outdated hardware. But it seems like the company’s models are lacking in both the departments. From the way things are shaping up, we don’t expect any decent mid rangers in the immediate future and it seems like the sales won’t improve much in Q4 or Q1 next year. At least Nokia did a better job at releasing decent hardware. With Microsoft at the helm, we don’t think Windows Mobile will be able to survive for long.

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