Microsoft needs to stop making the most awful press renders for Windows Phone

Windows Phone has come a very long way from those early days when Microsoft had just released Windows Phone 8. It has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past few years and with Windows Phone 10, things are only expected to get better. However, one thing that still hasn’t changed much is the way Microsoft markets its platform and phones in general. Yes, those new Lumia advertisements are catchy, but when it comes to press renders for their phones online, they still look like they’re from 2012.

lumia 730

Consider the image above. It’s a Lumia 730 running on the latest version of Windows Phone. However, the home screen on the left looks like it is from the early Windows Phone 8 days, when you could not even set a background image. The biggest problem that Windows Phone faces right now is that of perception. People consider it as a boring OS that isn’t capable of doing much. lumia 540And with such renders on its website, Microsoft isn’t helping that cause much.

Windows Phone is capable of much more. The ability to set a background wallpaper that can be seen through transparent tiles isn’t exactly new, but it can change a new user’s perception by leaps and bounds. As someone who’s looking to get his first smartphone and has now idea about which platform to go for, such images aren’t going to get me interested in Windows Phone anytime.

These phones will eventually get updated to Windows 10 for mobiles, which makes the OS look even more stunning. Yes, it’s not out yet, but how about we start seeing more stuff from that version to get the crowds excited? The Home Screen on the new version with semi transparent tiles looks stunning according to me and it is time we start seeing more of it. I know many would like to disagree with my opinion, but sadly such people are far too few and that’s why Windows Phone is still stuck at 3 percent market share.

Another perception about Windows Phone is its lack of apps. Although Microsoft does add apps like Candy Crush and Spotify in the press renders, how about we start seeing more of some of the popular apps that have only been added recently to the platform? We kind of expect OneNote and Office to be the part of the package, but what will get us more excited are those other apps that everybody wants.

And while we’re at it, how about we get a nice wallpaper on the phone out of the box rather than those bland tiles (some might disagree, but they’ll be very few). After all, the first impression of the phone leaves a lasting effect on a consumer.

windows phone 10
More of this please

Microsoft has generally been behind Apple and even Google when it comes to marketing, but it is shocking to see them not learning anything at all. With Satya Nadella at the helm, things are changing, but not as fast as is needed. Hopefully, things will change in the days to come.



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