Moto G6 and G6 Play are here and they are disappointing

moto g6 disappoints

When the original Moto G launched some six years ago, it shook up the hegemony that Samsung and a few others had in the market. The phone redefined expectations from a mid-range phone and went on to carve a new segment in the market altogether.

Over the years, Motorola has kept its G line of phones in line with the updated technology, but one thing the Moto G series stood for throughout was value for money. We’ve seen the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo come and shake the market, but the Moto phones from the G line up held their own against them. Well, the 6th generation of the family is here and the Moto G6 and G6 Play have been launched in India. Although this time something feels amiss.

The G6 and G6 Play are the successors to last years G5s Plus and G5s in a way. Motorola hasn’t launched the G6 Plus in India for some reason. That’s not really an issue, except maybe there is an issue.

You see, the 4GB variant of the G6 retails for Rs 15,999. Now, don’t get us wrong, this seems like a fair price since the G5s Plus was launched for the same asking price last year. But herein lies the issue. The G6 comes with a Snapdragon 450 on board which isn’t all that better from the Snapdragon 625 that came on the G5 Plus. Heck, it’s slightly inferior if we were to be frank and we’re not sure what Motorola was thinking. The Nokia 6.1 which retails for a similar price comes with a Snapdragon 630 and that feels like a successor to the Snapdragon 625.

So if we can assume for a moment that the camera on the G6 is better than that on the G5s Plus, that’s pretty much the only upgrade over the last year’s phone. There’s still 4GB RAM, 64 gigs of memory and 3,000mAh battery. What has improved in the last one year? Nothing much.

The Moto G6 Play is a more confused phone even. At Rs 12,000 Motorola is offering an ancient Snapdragon 430, a non full HD display and a measly 3GB RAM. This, when there’s the Note 5 Pro and the Asus Zenfone Max Pro breathing down Motorola’s neck. Even the Oppo RealMe 1 at Rs 9,000 seems like a better buy.

We don’t know what are we more disappointed with. The ridiculous pricing or the lack of an actual hardware upgrade over the last year’s phones. For you buyers out there, we’d say if you must get a Moto phone at all costs, look at last year’s champions which are cheaper or wait for a price cut. Otherwise, there are better alternatives in the market.

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