Moto X Play is the new Moto G of the upper-mid range

Moto X Play is the new Moto G of the upper-mid range

Moto X Play is the new Moto G of the upper-mid range

Motorola took the markets by storm when it launched the original Moto G in 2013. It managed to create a similar excitement in the emerging markets with the launch of Moto E a few months later. While Motorola has updated its phones with new hardware year after year, its phones no longer command the same authority since the competition has quite caught up to its game.

While the Moto X has been the company’s answer in the upper range, the phone has never really managed to sell as well as its other two siblings. But with the announcement of the Moto X Play, things seem to be working in favor of Motorola again. With the Moto X Play, Motorola has managed to give the audience a respectable phone that can satisfy people wanting more from the third generation Moto G.

Moto X Play has been spec’d adequately well to take on the competition. You can find plenty many flagships from yesteryear that sell in the same aggressive price point that the Moto X Play competes in, but we would all prefer to spend our cash on new hardware with the most up to date software, won’t we? This also spells trouble for HTC, since the size and specs of the Moto X Play make it a direct competitor to the mid-range Desire series. Unfortunately for HTC, Moto X Play offers much better specs for similar price compared to the HTC phones such as the Desire 820s or the Desire 826. Motorola has thrown in everything that a customer looks in a phone priced around $300. A decent camera, a big display, expandable memory, dual SIM connectivity and a large battery, the X Play has it all. Those American roots seem to work in its favor as well.

It seems like the competition will again be scrambling to give an adequate answer to the Moto X Play, but that should give it enough time to make its mark. The aggressive pricing should not only give the phone an edge over other major manufacturers, but might just give Chinese manufacturers something to worry about as well.

With Motorola, it’s hard to imagine this being the same company that had the most terrible line of offerings until a few years ago.

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