Nvidia Geforce 820M vs. 830M vs. 840M vs. 920M vs. 930M vs. 940M vs. AMD M230 vs. AMD M240 vs. M330 vs. M430 vs. M360 vs. Intel HD 5500 vs. HD 4400 vs. HD 5300 vs. HD 520

When you’re a PC gamer, it’s not always possible to be around your powerful desktop to play demanding games. Sometimes, you are away from home and that is where a decent laptop can help you. While laptops are no match for a proper PC gaming machine, we’ve compared some of the GPUs found in the current day laptops (mostly under $1,000) and see how they stack up against each other. Let’s take a look at some benchmarks below.

3D Mark (2013) and number of pipelines

benchmark gpu

We know some of you might think as to what on earth pipelines are. In very simple words, pixel pipelines refer to how many pixels a graphics card can process in parallel in one GPU cycle. Obviously, the higher, the better. Well, if we keep aside the Intel HD GPUs and the entry level NVIDIA Geforce 820M, others are relatively well off on this benchmark. NVIDIA cards lead the ones from AMD and as we’ll see, this reflects in their performance as well.

Running popular benchmark tool 3D Mark (this test was on of the many tests that can be performed on the tool), it becomes clear that the 950M is way ahead of the pack and is the knight in shining armor. GeForce 940M and 840M follow trail. Surprisingly, 830M gets ahead of 930M on the benchmark. The M360 compares to the 920M, while the M430 sits slightly below it. In the AMD camp, M440 leads the pack, but only marginally over the M360. AMD M240 and M230 aren’t that far from 820M. Of course, M240 is the better among the two. Intel 520 leads the Intel family of cards, but is even below the 820M.


Gaming performance

We picked three titles at different settings to see the relative performance of the cards. Strictly speaking, they all fared rather badly and if you’re planning to play games from this year on any of these GPUs, you’ll have to embrace low-med settings as your default. These are not meant for hardcore gamers and perhaps they should look at more expensive hardware instead.

gpu gaming benchmark Nvidia Geforce 820M vs. 830M vs. 840M vs. 920M vs. 930M vs. 940M vs. AMD M230 vs. AMD M240 vs. M330 vs. M430 vs. M360 vs. Intel HD 5500 vs. HD 4400 vs. HD 5300 vs. HD 520

Again the tests indicate that the 950M is miles ahead of anything else and can get some actual gaming done. Looking beyond it, the 940M and the 840M are the cards to consider if you want to play games at respectable frame rates. The Geforce 930M outmatched 830M on two games, while lagged behind in one. Geforce 920M seems like a considerable improvement over 820M. AMD cards performed moderately, with the M240 being ahead of 820M, but lagging behind Geforce 830M. The M360, the M430, and the M330 are all entry level cards and comparable to the 920M at best. Among Intel cards, Intel 520 is your best bet and is available on 6th gen processors. Much of its performance depends on the system memory and processor. It is followed by HD 5500, HD 4400 and HD 5300.

Of course, there’s more to benchmarking than these simple tests, but we hope you get a fair idea of how these cards stack up through these tests.

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