Planning on getting an affordable gaming laptop? Here’s why you shouldn’t

best gaming laptops under rs 50000 in India

Most of us in India, who consider ourselves hardcore games, started their journey on a PC. The consoles have always been out of reach for the masses and the PCs always something that parents can be convinced to buy more easily.

However, a PC is not always convenient and not everybody can go through the pain of changing 50% of the hardware every 3 years just to be able to run the latest games. What do we usually do as a convenient compromise? Look for a laptop that can also run games and hope to kill two birds with one stone (productivity & entertainment). But if you take into account certain considerations, that might not always be the best idea.

Before we make any further comments, it would be best to make it clear that gamers aren’t all alike. Some prefer the precision of mouse and keyboard, while others like to sit back on the couch. Some of us like competing with others online, while most of the others are perfectly fine without the online element.

Having said that, if you usually play games like Counter Strike, PUBG, or some of the more recent titles that are designed around multiplayer battle royal, we’d say a laptop is still a pretty good bet because of the mouse and the free online play (you need subscription on both Xbox One and the PS4 to play online). These games aren’t too demanding either and can run on entry-level GPUs.

However, if you do like some other games too, say, like the Witcher 3 or Anthem, you might want to reconsider buying that gaming laptop. We say that because having looked at laptops up to one lakh rupees in India, we can confidently say that there isn’t one model which will be comfortably able to run games released in 2019 or upcoming games with decent framerates on high settings. The best you get in this budget is the 1060, which is a good card, but again a mid-range one. It is the only card that can run current games on high settings at decent framerates. But come 2020 and we’re sure you will have to lower some settings or the resolution. Everything else is just a waste of money for serious gaming, unless, you don’t mind 20fps or medium settings and lower resolutions. The ones in laptops below 50k are an utter joke.

best gaming laptops

What we do suggest is getting a console and a decent sized television along with a decent laptop in the same budget (one lakh) and enjoy everything like it is supposed to be. Consider this: Xbox One / PS4 for 25k, 50 inch TV for 25k, and a decent laptop that doesn’t weigh a ton like gaming laptops for 50k. You can much more in the same budget without ever having to worry if your system can run it. Looking for something cheaper? Well, consider a perfectly capable laptop for 40k and maybe you also don’t need a brand new TV for playing your games.

You like playing with a mouse and keyboard? No worries, the Xbox One has recently added support for it. Feel like sitting on the couch instead of the chair? Well, that is sorted too. No, we are not arguing if consoles are better than PC. We are saying they are better than mid-segment gaming laptops that are a pain to carry thanks to their bulky design and generate tons of heat while offering poor battery life and performance.

Consoles games are expensive, yes, but if you think you can save tons by pirating on the PC, it isn’t ethically or legally right. Most of the console titles drop to under 2k six months after launch and anybody who can shell out 50-60k on a laptop can definitely afford games this cheap. They can also be sold easily in the second-hand market (such as OLX) to recover some of that cost. And think of all the money you will save not having to upgrade consoles just to run the next game in your favorite series.


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