Snapdragon 800 vs. 801 vs. 805 vs. 810 vs. 808 vs. 615 vs. 617 vs. 410 vs. 400 vs. Intel Z3580 vs. Z2580 vs. MediaTek

Update: We have run some fresh benchmark for more recent mobile SoCs from leading chip makers here.

When you buy a new phone, you obviously expect it to have the best processing capabilities in its class. There happen to be a lot of processors and GPUs from multiple manufacturers deployed in the current day smartphones. No wonder, you’d find yourself lost if you try and pick one. We’ve compiled the benchmark scores for some popular CPU+ GPU combinations (since the pair usually remains the same) to let you assess how they stack up against each other. We’re showing results from AnTuTu benchmark, but it also considers other things like RAM when producing the final score. However, the numbers should still give you a rough idea of how these chips perform.

We’ll be adding more tests in the future, but to give you a rough idea, these numbers should be adequate.

High-end chips:

Snapdragon 800 vs. 801 vs. 805 vs. 810 vs. 808 vs. 615 vs. 410 vs. 400 vs. Intel Z3580 vs. Z2580 vs. MediaTek


It seems like the new Exynos 7420 from Samsung is the king of the hill, with some impressive numbers. Snapdragon 810 comes in at second, which was expected. Unfortunately for Qualcomm, the processor has some heating issues. Intel’s Z3580 performs surprisingly well (but mainly due to the higher RAM on Zenfone 2). MediaTek also seems to have moved from a low cost offering to a serious contender.

It would seem like after the Exynos 7420, Snapdragon 810 takes the lead followed by Snapdragon 808. MediaTek MT6595 and Snapdragon 805 seem to be at par, while the MediaTek Helio X10 is considerably behind the two. Next in place is the Kirin 925, ahead of Snapdragon 801, followed by the Snapdragon 800. The newly launched Snapdragon 617 is only slightly better than the Snapdragon 615. Also, it seems like the Snapdragon 615 and MediaTek 6753 have similar performance.

Let’s take a look at the chips in budget devices.

Low-end chips:

sd 200 vs 400 vs 410 vs 2580

MediaTek takes the crown in the low-end segment. Desire 820s scores exceptionally well due to the lower resolution screen.Otherwise, the MT6752 scores slightly lower than the MT6753 and comparable to Snapdragon 615. Intel chips follow after, while Qualcomm’s offerings seem to be at the end of the pack.

Again, benchmarks can never give you actual comparison of real life performance. We’ve heard manufacturers throttling the CPUs when these tests are run so they may perform better on these tests. Also, while some of these chips seem to post impressive numbers, you never know how much battery do they drain, or how much heat do they dissipate in the process. Bear in mind that the screen resolution also affects the overall AnTuTu score.

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