You can significantly improve the life of your laptop battery with this simple software

laptop battery life extend

Batteries found in laptops today are more advanced than what was offered five or ten years ago. They can not only handle more charge, or last more cycles, but also are more compact and don’t dissipate as much heat.

Having said that, we haven’t really perfected the battery technology and the Li-ion┬ácells found in the most common laptop batteries. They still tend to lose their capacity over time as they go through multiple discharge cycles. Making things worse, most laptops come with internal batteries now and it’s is no small task finding and replacing them when they wear out.

All is not lost, however. There is one simple thing that can be done to extend the life significantly. You see, the battery inside your laptop or phone isn’t that different from those found in electric cars like that from Tesla. And do you know what Tesla recommends to prolong the battery life in their cars? Keeping the charge between 20% and 80% as much as possible.

Many of you might have heard recommendations around charging your battery to 100% and then draining it fully before plugging in the charger for the best battery life. And that used to be true with earlier technologies like Ni-Cd but is no longer relevant today. Of course, you might need to fill up your laptop’s juice when on the road and we aren’t saying you should never charge it to 100%.┬áJust that when using your laptop at your home or office, try and keep the charge between these two numbers and don’t leave your charger always plugged in.

battery limit

Manufacturers like Asus offer tools that can stop your laptop battery from charging beyond a point even when the charger is plugged in but that’s more of an exception. For other machines, you can simply pick from a dozen applications online that can alert you whenever the charge crosses or falls below the set limit. This acts as a good reminder to plug in or remove your charging cable and ensure the battery stays within 20-80 percent range most of the times. We picked this simple solution from Robotonfire and it seems to be doing its job so far.

Batteries are often the Achilles’ heel in phones and laptops that make us upgrade even when everything else seems to be working fine. By ensuring you keep your battery healthy, you can extend the time on your upgrade cycle and save some good money.

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